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SBI HRMS is a login portal for the SBI employees to check their salary and pension slip statement you can access it via

Presently SBI is operational with five associate banks in India and has 137 foreign offices in 32 countries worldwide.


State Bank of Hyderabad

All employees who worked under the SBI bank can use this SBI HRMS facility which is being provided by SBI. Normal users can’t use this portal as it’s made for the SBI employees only.

SBI also provides an app through which you can access the SBI HRMS dashboard.

MYHRMS” is the name of the app through which you can access SBI HRMS on mobile also, you can download this app from Playstore as well as from the Appstore.

What is SBI HRMS?

It is a portal that is being provided by the SBI Bank for their employees so, they can check their Salary slip, Pension slip, Transaction history, Account statement and many more other.

This HRMS portal can also be used by retired employees of the SBI bank.

Who can use the SBI HRMS portal?

The one who is an employee in SBI bank no matter if he/she newly admitted or not? if they are the employee then this portal is for them also.

If you are an employee of these below SBI associated banks then also, you can use this portal.

  • State bank of Hyderabad (SBH)
  • State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ)
  • State Bank of Mysore (SBM)
  • State Bank of Travancore (SBT)
  • State Bank of Karnataka (SBK)

NOTE: State Bank of Group current, retired employees and controllers can able to use this portal.

Things You Can Do On SBI HRMS Portal?

Now, after login into this portal what all things you can do they are as follow:

  • You can check Salary Slip on this portal.
  • If you are retired then, you can check Pension Slip using this portal.
  • Status of the active loans as well as the closed loans you can check if you have applied for a loan with SBI.
  • You can SBI account balance on this HRMS portal.
  • Check Transaction History and Account Statement of your SBI Bank Account.
  • HRMS portal offers you the services to Nominate someone for the Provident Fund Account [PF].
  • You can order a checkbook, check transactions or download account statements using this HRMS portal.

There are lots of other things which is being available on this HRMS portal that you can see after login into it.

Some Important Point Before Login Into HRMS Portal

These below are the points which you need to be kept in your mind before login into HRMS portal:

  1. Must have correct User Id and Password to sign in into this portal.
  2. Somehow you forgot your User Id or Password in that case you need to contact the Controller or in the IT Department.
  3. This HRMS Portal is only for the employees of the SBI bank [New or retired both can access this portal].
  4. After completing the task please don’t forgot to press the “logout button“.

How To Login Into SBI HRMS Portal?

Well to login to HRMS portal SBI has provides to its employee two methods to do it first by visiting the website HRMS Portal and another method is the “MYHRMS” Mobile app.

  • Open your browser and visit
  • Click on the login button which you can see on the right corner.

How To Login Into SBI HRMS Portal

  • Enter “User ID” and “Password” and click on the logon button.
  • You can also, use VIRTUAL KEYBOARD to entering User ID and Password.

How To Login Into SBI HRMS Portal

  • You will see your dashboard in front of the screen now, you can access anything.
  1. Salary Slip.
  2. Pension Slip of employee.
  3. Pension Plan Applicable for Employee.
  4. Loan Status.
  5. SBI Holiday Calendar
  6. SBI Account Balance.
  7. Transaction History.
  8. Account Statement etc.
  • After completing your task, at last, don’t forget to press the logout button.


At last, I just wanted to say that in today’s internet world nothing is secured so, please take care while login into your dashboard.

And yes don’t forget to press the logout button after completing your task.

Please don’t share any personal account details in the comments such as Aadhaar card number, PAN card number, ATM pin, Username, Password, etc.

If you want any help regarding this or any other thing you can freely contact SBI customer care directly from your mobile phone.

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