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Welcome to SBH Online! it is one of the well-known branches of State Bank Of Hyderabad amongst five associated banks of SBI.

State Bank of Hyderabad

State Bank of Hyderabad

There are so many other facilities like Mobile Banking, Personal Banking, Corporate Banking which is being provided to the account holder of State Bank Of Hyderabad.

When you submit your internet banking application to your SBI bank you will receive a Pre-Printed Kit in which temporary username and password are written.

This username and password have to type for the first time while login into SBH online!

Whole steps are being written down below which you can read to login to SBH net banking for the first time.

What is SBH Online?

SBH online is an online platform through which you can transfer money, pay the electricity bill, do mobile recharge and much more using SBH net banking.

Here,  SBH refers to [State Bank Of Hyderabad] It is one of the five associates banks of State Bank Of India.

This banks headquarter is located in Hyderabad, Telangana and it was merged with SBI on 1 April 2017.

How to login to SBH net banking?

Before, going ahead please keep “Pre-Printed Kit” with you which was provided by SBI bank to login to SBH net banking for the first time!

Now, let’s see the steps which you have to follow while login to SBH online banking.

How to login to SBH net banking?

  • Step 3: Enter “Username” and “Password” which is given in the Pre-Printed Kit which has been sent to you by SBI bank.

How to login to SBH net banking?

  • Step 4: After that now create your new username which you want to set and enter the kit number for verifying that it’s you.

How to login to SBH net banking?

  • Step 5: Enter your desired password make sure it should be mixing of alphabet, numbers, symbols so, it’s difficult to crack by someone.

How to login to SBH net banking?

  • Step 6: Enter the details needed like DOB, Place of Birth, the Phone number to generate Profile password which later needed to transfer funds from SBH to SBH bank OR other bank accounts.
  • Step 7: That’s it now enter profile password it’s different from normal password.
  • Step 8: Now, at last, you have successfully registered your account in SBH online banking.


This is not the official website of State bank of Hyderabad we just guide the peoples and provide them a piece of valuable information.

Kindly, do not share any personal detail in the comments such as Aadhar number, Phone number, Account number, ATM pin, etc.

If you have queries regarding this or any other things then contact the SBI customer care support team or visit the nearest SBI branch.

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