How To Get SBI Bank Statement Online Using Net Banking

You are an SBI user right and you have landed on this page by searching query that is How to get SBI bank statement.

Well, there are lots of ways to get SBI Bank statement some are online and some ways are offline.

You can choose any of the ways which suit you more!

  • Get SBI Statement Using Net Banking.
  • Using Yono App.
  • Or, By Sending an SMS to SBI.

Let’s start with the first one that is how to get SBI statement online using net banking.

How To Get SBI Bank Statement Online Using Net Banking.

In this way, you need to log in with the username and password which you have created at the time of making internet banking account.

Steps of getting SBI bank statement online using net banking:

How To Get Bank Statement

  • Enter “Username” and “Password” also, fill the captcha. Then, click on login.

How To Get Bank Statement

  • Now go to Account statement option.

How To Get Bank Statement

  • Choose your account from the given list for which you require statement.

How To Get Bank Statement

  • After that select or choose the period for the statement according to your need.

How To Get Bank Statement

  • Then choose the option “Download in PDF format” and then click on the “GO” button.

How To Get Bank Statement

That’s it your Bank Statement now has been downloaded it’s easy and simple.

But what when you want to download and view it on your android or apple device. Is there any way to check it? the answer is yes.

How To Get Bank Statement From Yono SBI

Have you here about this YONO app what is it? and how you can get bank statement through this app.

Well, this YONO app is the app which has been published publically by the SBI bank for making banking easy for SBI users.

  • How to get bank statement from Yono SBI.
  • How to download statement from SBI Yono app.
  • How to download bank statement from Yono SBI.
  • How to get 6 months bank statement from SBI.

These above keywords will also be covered under this heading so let’s continue with steps.

Steps of getting SBI bank statement from Yono SBI:

  • Open your Yono app on your mobile phones.

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  • Login into via using “Username” and “Password” [Which you use while Internet Banking].
  • Now, click on Accounts option.

  • Under “Relationship Overview” Click on “My Balance” tab then click on “Saving A/C

  • Then click on this icon to download your SBI statement.

That’s now your bank statement has been downloaded into internal storage with the name “Account Statement“.

This statement which is being downloaded by using this Yono app will be of the last 6 month.

You can access this file by opening /File Manager > Internal Storage.

How To Get SBI Bank Statement Without Net Banking

Under this heading, I will help you to get SBI statement without net banking how you can do it? let’s see the process.

In this way, you just need to send an SMS to the SBI bank to know your SBI bank statement.

Now, you will be thinking about what SMS to send and on which number let’s clear it is detailed below.

By sending an SMS to the SBI bank customers can avail e-statement for last 6 months of their Savings Bank account.

That statement will be sent on the registered email ID which you have provided to the SBI bank at the time of opening saving account.

  • Open your messaging app on your android or apple device.
  • Then type ESTMT <space> <Account Number> <space> <code>
  • Send it to 09223588888

NOTE: 1. You don’t have to put <> arrows into your SMS. It was written for separation so, it can be easy to understand by you.

2. <Account Number>: Write your bank account number into this place.

3. <CODE>: Enter 4 digit code of your choice which will later help you for opening (statement) document which will be sent to your registered Email ID.

This 4 digit code is used to encrypt your document. So, any other person can’t misuse it!

Have you registered yourself into SBI Quick service? In case you are not registered for our SBI Quick service, you can register yourself with SBI Quick service:

  • Open your messaging app on your mobile.
  • Type SMS, REG<space>Account Number .
  • Then, send it to 09223488888.

Example: REG 12345678910

NOTE: SMS should be sent with a mobile number which you have registered with your SBI bank account.

After sending the message you will be received with the message indicating successful/unsuccessful registration.

SBI Bank Statement Format

We have discussed lot’s about the statement but how it looks and what’s the format of this Bank statement.

Here, below is the bank statement format which you can look right below!

SBI Bank Statement Format


Txn DateValue DateDescriptionRef No./Cheque No.DebitCreditBalance
25 Mar 201925 Mar 2019ExampleExample15600800800
19 Mar 201919 Mar 2019ExampleExample15600804700
9 Mar 20199 Mar 2019ExampleExample15600804500


Finally, we have covered four ways by which you can download the SBI bank statement hopefully your queries will be solved in this article.

If you have any doubt regarding this then please comment down below we will reply it.

And, please we highly recommend you to not share any personal information on this website.

For further inquiry please visit your nearest SBI branch! and ask the SBI manager.

Also, check How To Check SBI Balance Through SMS here.

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