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How To Block SBI ATM Card what if you are just about to reach your home but before that someone has stolen your wallet in which there is some cash inside it and the most important thing is that your ATM card is also now, with that person.

Here, is the thing you can do after someone has stolen your ATM card or in case you have lost it somewhere.

Before, getting started with the steps of how to block SBI ATM card let’s discuss some of the ways by which you can block your atm card.

  • Using Net Banking
  • Using Yono App on Mobile
  • By Sending SMS
  • Or, By Call

How to Block SBI ATM Card using net banking?

The one who wants to block his/her atm card needs to follow these steps let’s start.
Step-1  Go to the address bar type: or you can visit from here.
how to Block ATM Card
Step-2  You will come to this page where you need to fill your login detail like:
  • User name
  • Password


how to Block ATM Card

Step-3  In your Homepage you can see there is an option called “e-services” click on it then choose select “ATM Card Service


how to Block ATM Card

Step-4  Now, select the “Block ATM Card” option from it.

how to Block ATM Card

Step-5  Select the account from the list at which your stolen ATM card is linked.

how to Block ATM Card
Step-6  Now, here you can see all your ATM cards which are “Active” or “Closed” before you can see the 4 digits at the beginning and last.

Then, you must have to select the reason from the list box which consists of two reasons “Lost” or “Stolen” select anyone from it.

how to Block ATM Card
Steps-7  Finally the last step is to authenticate this request via mobile “OTP verification” or with the “Profile password” by selecting anyone from it.

That’s it it’s done now, after doing this final step you will receive a message on your registered mobile number.

In which you will get a ticket number after you have completed this process. Make sure you save that ticket number for future reference.

To check whether your ATM card has been blocked or not just go to the “e-service” => “ATM card services” => “Block ATM card” check the card status make sure card status is closed.

Note:-  If you somehow find the stolen ATM card then cannot unblock it from internet banking in this case you need to visit your near SBI Branch.

How to Block SBI ATM Card Through Phone Or App?

Is there any of the way to Block SBI ATM Card through phone or app the answer is Yes, of course, there is a way to do it how? let’s see.

If you have an Android or IOS operating system in your phone then, you can download YONO App from the play store if you are an android user and IOS user can download from App Store.

Step – 1  After downloading this Yono App open it.

If you are a new user then click on register now or if you are an existing user then click on it and logged into your SBI Yono app.

How to block atm card through yono app


Step – 2  Now, you have to click on the left side menu button and then click on “Services Option“.

How to block atm card through yono app


Step – 3 Click on the Block ATM option card from the given options then, on the block card option.

How to block atm card through yono app                      How to block atm card through yono app

Steps – 4  Select the ATM Card which you want to block and then click on the Next button.

How to block atm card through yono app


Steps – 5 The last step is to enter the OTP number which will be sent to your registered mobile number.

That’s it now you will get an SMS about this process whether it’s done of not. or if you face any problem regarding this then you can visit your nearest branch.

How To Block SBI ATM Card By SMS?

SBI Bank also provided the facility to block your ATM Card by sending SMS to them how to do it? let’s see it.

Step-1 Open message app from your mobile and create a new message.
Step-2 Type BLOCK XXXX (it must be in the capital letter) and yes BLOCK XXXX [ this XXXX is the last four digits of your card number].
Step-3 Send it to this number 567676 [Note: The message should be sent using your registered mobile number].

How To Block SBI ATM Card By Call?

If you don’t much familiar with this internet world and don’t know how to block an ATM card using internet banking then don’t worry you can block a card by calling using your registered mobile number.
Step-1 Open your dial pad on your mobile device.
Step-2 Dial any of this number given below:
  • 1800 11 2211 (Toll-Free)
  • 1800 425 3800 (Toll-Free)
  • 080-26599990


Don’t worry if you do not have an internet connection or you are not able to understand how to do then your visit to your nearest branch. They will help out in blocking your stolen ATM card whether it is debit or credit card.
I hope, this above article will help you in understand How to Block SBI ATM Card using different types. 
If you have any query related to this make sure don’t forget to comment below or visit SBI

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