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Are you a member of SBI Collect Online? or a payer then definitely you are looking for the SBI collect portal.

If you are a regular person to visit this SBI Collect website then you can go directly to the State Bank Collect page by clicking on the Proceed button.

sbi collect

And, if you are new to this SBI Collect website then definitely you are looking for some of these terms:

  • What is SBI Collect?
  • How to pay through SBI collect?
  • What is SBI Mops?
  • SBI Collect Customer Care
  • How to check SBI Collect history?
  • What is CINB (Corporate Internet Banking)?

We have explained all these above terms in detail and in an easy way so, you don’t have to face any problem regarding understanding this feature of SBI bank.

What is SBI Collect?

The “State Bank Of India (SBI)” provides the facility to the “Corporate Internet Banking (CINB)” customers (who have registered into SBI online) to receives online payments from the receivers of there goods and services.

One of the advantages of having this SBI I collect account is that the CINB customers need not to maintain it’s own website.

There all amounts will be transferred into there SBI collect account. Which makes easy and simple for CINB customers to receive money.

List of online services for availing the facility

  • Goods and Services supplied by Firms/Corporates/Institutions.
  • Collection of fees by Educational Institutions.
  • Collection of Dues by Government/Quasi-Government Bodies.
  • Local taxes by Semi-Government bodies.
  • Recruitment fee.
  • Donations to Charitable Institutions/Religious Institutions.

List of payment options available

  • Internet banking (For all banks).
  • ATM Card and Debit Card (For all Banks)
  • By Cash/Cheque at SBI Branches.
  • Credit Card.
  • UPI

How to pay through SBI Collect?

If you are the payer for CINB then definitely you are searching for how to pay through SBI collect online well, below are the steps which you follow.

These steps are the same for all but few differences are there as per requirement ask by CINB so, for this article we will take an example of how to submit fees to Harsh enterprises via SBI Collect.

Steps of how to pay through SBI collect online are:

Sbi Collect

  • Click on the checkbox (To “Accept Terms & Conditions“).
  • Then click on the proceed button.

Sbi Collect

  • After that Select the state of corporation/Institution (In which state corporation/ Institution is located).

Sbi Collect


  • Select “Type of Corporate/Institution” from the given list.

Sbi Collect

  • Select “Recruitment Name” from the given options.

Sbi Collect

  • Now, select the “payment category” which has been decided by the Corporation/Institute.

Sbi Collect

  • Provide your details like Name, Father name, mother name, mobile number, etc. and then click on the “Submit button“.

Sbi Collect

Sbi Collect

  • Confirm your details which you entered after confirming your details just click on the “Confirm Button“.

Sbi Collect


  • The last step is to pay the money by using different channels given on that page.

Sbi Collect


  • Done, after the final step you will get the “receipt” which you can download or print it for future preferences.

Sbi Collect

I hope, till now you have understood how to pay through SBI collect online. Still having doubt then please comment down below we will try to short out the problem of yours.

What is SBI Mops?

SBI Mops here, the MOPS refers to the Multiple Option Payment System through which applicants pay fees online for goods & services. It is called in short MOPS (Multiple Option Payment System).

On the MOPS page, you will get lots of ways to pay online fees some of them are:

  • Using Debit & Credit Cards
  • Using Net Banking of any bank.
  • Using UPI

This SBI Mops platform which has been provided by the SBI makes easy to pay money by choosing any of payment option from the given list.

SBI Collect Customer Care

Some of the things which you have not understood or want to clarify your doubt for this SBI may have been provided Toll-free numbers for helping their customers.

If you are looking for SBI Collect Customer Care number then, you can dial any of the SBI Collect Customer care toll-free numbers on your mobile phone by just opening a dial pad.

  • Toll-free number:  1800 11 2211
  • Toll-free number:  1800 425 3800
  • Toll number:  080-26599990

These above are the SBI Collect Customer Care number through which you can contact them. Also, you can directly go to the SBI nearest branch where you can resolve your queries.

How to check SBI Collect history?

Now, what if you wanted to see the previous payment made by you through SBI Collect online.

  • Just visit
  • Click on SB Collect from the above menu.
  • Click on the checkbox (which contain terms & condition to accept).
  • Go to the menu bar and select “Payment History”.

Sbi Collect

Well, after that there are two ways through which you can check history:

Number One:

By selecting the date range to view details of previous payments only you have to do is that just enter the Mobile number and Date of birth which you have entered at that time for making payment.

After doing all above step now just fill the captcha and click on “Go button

Sbi Collect


Number Two:

If you have a reference number that has been provided in the receipt starts with “DU” at the time of making the payment process. Then just enter it in the DU reference number text box.

After all the above steps just enter your mobile number or date of birth.

Fill the captcha and click on the “Go button“.

Now, you can see all your history details on that page and also you can re-download it also by clicking on the download button.

Sbi Collect Online

What is CINB (Corporate Internet Banking)?

The “Corporate Internet Banking” (CINB) is the channel of SBI bank that facilitates Corporate consumers (Example: Firms, Trusts, Partnerships, Companies, etc). to carry out banking activities online.

To visit the “Corporate Banking” portal just go to the

From its name Corporate Internet Banking you can identify that it’s not for a person as Retail Internet Banking facility is separately available.

Corporate Internet Banking


CINB (Corporate Internet Banking) facility will be made available by all branches of SBI across the country so, you don’t have to worry about it.

If you want to more about SBI Corporate Internet Banking then check out here. In this article, we have explained to you all about Corporate banking.


We conclude that this SBI Collect website is not an official website. It is made for helping a person who is new or doesn’t know much about banks and yes, we strictly informing you that please do not share your bank details in the comment box. such as Adhaar card number, Account number, ATM card number, etc.